AI in HR. Between well-functioning software and real innovation

autor: Barbara Jastrzebska

HR is often mentioned as one of the most certain fields to see AI in action. With high expectations there come the doubts that it is all a little bit misleading. What are the “can” and “cant’s” of AI in Human Resources? Read our short summary. 

It's widely believed that AI will replace well-crafted software, which already exists in the industry but unfortunately isn’t deployed in many companies. Still, the same companies express a hope that somehow adoption of AI will magically fix the issues of their software or lack of thereof. 


Surely AI in HR can help in the following ways:

What all above statements have in common is the possibility of AI to learn based on data and then make recommendations and decisions, from simple conversational choices to these complex, based on values that they determine that are important for us. It is where the real breakthrough happens. Not in the simple automation and reducing administrative stuff which should be already solved at your organisation by well-crafted software. 


Going to the other side of our summary, the following applications of AI would be unnecessary, maybe too expensive to implement and instead - quickly done with software. 

Above is just a cry for better and more automated software, which hopefully will be deployed along with the AI solutions. If you are looking to address such issues, good software may be just enough. There is no reason to wait for the AI.

This article was inspired by hopes and comments expressed in Forbes article from July 2018: 11 Ways AI Can Revolutionize Human Resources.