A visionary with a dose of strategic thinking and business pragmatism. For the last 15 years he's been helping companies solve hard to crack issues in multiple roles, from a software architect to the CTO and co-founder of Bright IT. His venture into Artifical Intelligence let him merge technology and science with business.



Lifelong learner passionate about math and computers. Combines theoretical foundations (PhD in computer science) and years of experience in software development to design sound and pragmatic solutions to real world problems. Mainly interested in deep neural networks, computer vision, natural language processing and information theory.


During one day there are over 300 000 000 of waves hitting the shores worldwide.

But only 5 waves of IT led us from batch computing to embedded computing.

1 New Wave was enough to put the significant mark on the European cinema.  

At the moment you read this text the third wave of machine learning is making the technological revolution.

How many waves  we can expect in the future? That we don’t know. Make a guess and put any number in the place of “n”. 

At n-waves we are up to date with AI trends and always ride the wave. .


In 2016 Deep Mind AlphaGo won against best GO players in the world. That turning point opened our eyes to the new wave of innovations coming in our way - deep learning (to be factual the technology is ˜30 years old like almost everything in CS,  but the application and capacity are new). In our former company, we've already gained experience with adjusting the most prominent search engine at a time -  IDOL by HP, which made the NLP approachable. We used this knowledge to build website searches and intranet searches that were context-aware and entity-aware. That all laid ground for our future work.

We've decided to pivot and invest our energy into deep learning. Although the market seems to be small, it is growing exponentially. It's just about time to make the AI applicable and accessible to companies as natural web development is. We invested more than a year in discovering the market of AI startups, checking their capacity and how they work and we see a vast under-explored potential of Deep Learning in the industry. That's how the idea to create the new genuine player in the AI was born.

And here we are


There is so much we can accomplish together.

Piotr Czapla

Marcin Kardas