Practical Deep Learning for Coders v3 is out!

The third edition of’s course: Deep Learning for Coders part 1 is now publicly released, and I can assure you it is a must watch for anyone that is interested in AI.

I’m mesmerized with the mission of to make the DeepLearning “uncool” and omnipresent in the future. Their hard work makes it one of the best ways to incorporate AI into your business at a fraction of the cost. Think for a bit about this, you have:

  • A library that lets you create state of the art models in just a few lines of code. You can read more about the library on our previous blog post.

  • A freely available online course consisting of 7 lessons, each ~2h long, that is designed to make your team instantly productive and engaged (and it truly delivers on that with the code-first approach),

  • You have a thriving community of motivated people that already learned quite a bit during the course about Deep Learning. (Currently, has 21k users)

Even if you’re not planning on becoming an AI expert I encourage you to just watch the videos to understand what is possible and how easy it is to apply it to your own products. Moreover, since Google has included fastai in their colab notebooks you can run your first experiments for free, in matters of minutes.

You can find out more about the course on Jeremy's blog.

Whether your business is just starting the deep learning adventure or you need some advice on improving your models or deploying to production, we are happy to help. Especially, if you’re using library.